Naming Rules


The name of a C# element does not begin with an upper-case letter.

Rule Description

A violation of this rule occurs when the names of certain types of elements do not begin with an upper-case letter. The following types of elements should use an upper-case letter as the first letter of the element name: namespaces, classes, enums, structs, delegates, events, methods, and properties.

In addition, any field which is public, internal, or marked with the const attribute should begin with an upper-case letter. Non-private readonly fields must also be named using an upper-case letter.

If the field or variable name is intended to match the name of an item associated with Win32 or COM, and thus needs to begin with a lower-case letter, place the field or variable within a special NativeMethods class. A NativeMethods class is any class which contains a name ending in NativeMethods, and is intended as a placeholder for Win32 or COM wrappers. StyleCop will ignore this violation if the item is placed within a NativeMethods class.

How to Fix Violations

To fix a violation of this rule, change the name of the element so that it begins with an upper-case letter, or place the item within a NativeMethods class if appropriate.