Naming Rules


The name of a field or variable in C# does not begin with a lower-case letter.

Rule Description

A violation of this rule occurs when the name of a field or variable begins with an upper-case letter. Constants must always start with an uppercase letter, whilst readonly fields may start with either an uppercase or a lowercase letter. Also, public or internal fields must always start with an uppercase letter.

If the field or variable name is intended to match the name of an item associated with Win32 or COM, and thus needs to begin with an upper-case letter, place the field or variable within a special NativeMethods class. A NativeMethods class is any class which contains a name ending in NativeMethods, and is intended as a placeholder for Win32 or COM wrappers. StyleCop will ignore this violation if the item is placed within a NativeMethods class.

How to Fix Violations

To fix a violation of this rule, change the name of the field or variable so that it begins with a lower-case letter, or place the item within a NativeMethods class if appropriate.